A twist of fate or just bad luck? Unpack the hilariously tragic events of Ohio State’s day.

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It’s bowl season and many bowl games are going on at this time of the year. I don’t normally get too excited about bowl games, but this year I was keeping an eye on the Cotton Bowl. Mizzou, University of Missouri, was playing Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl this year.

Mizzou is from the Metro East area, OK it’s halfway to Kansas City, but it’s still local, right? Anyhow, I was putting for them and they won the Cotton Bowl! So to celebrate their win and have a little fun with Ohio State I have researched the 10 Worst Things About Ohio State losing the Cotton Bowl.

Check them out and enjoy, yeah Mizzou!

1. Unexpected Indoor Environment

It was shocking. Ohio State is used to battling it out under the open sky, not confined under a roof. The unfamiliar, sheltered environment threw off their game, making them feel claustrophobic and out of their element. The artificial lighting and lack of natural elements like wind and sun altered the perception and feel of the game, creating an unexpected challenge. They’re warriors of the outdoors, not indoor enthusiasts! Unnatural!

2. Questionable Officiating

How convenient. Every whistle seemed to have a personal vendetta against Ohio State. You’d think the refs might accidentally make one or two calls in our favor, but no, consistency is key, right? It’s remarkable how every critical moment just happened to go against them. Surely, that’s just a coincidence. Right!

3. Key Injuries at the Wrong Time

What timing! It’s almost as if the players decided to take turns getting injured at the most pivotal moments. You have to wonder if there was a schedule they were following. Just when the team needed them most, down they went—such an uncanny knack for dramatic timing. Convenient!

4. Uncharacteristic Mistakes

Who are these guys? Suddenly, the team that practiced all year decided to forget how to hold onto a ball or complete a pass. It’s as if they were replaced by doppelgangers who had never seen a football before. But sure, let’s chalk it up to “bad luck.” Makes sense!

5. The Opponent’s Unexpected Performance

Bravo, Mizzou! Apparently, they were just pretending to be mediocre all season long, waiting for this moment to unleash their true skills. What a plot twist! Ohio State surely didn’t see it coming. It’s almost flattering they chose this game to reveal their hidden prowess. Surprising!

6. Miscommunication Among Team

Did we change the language? It seemed like the team suddenly forgot how to communicate. Signals were more like suggestions, and plays were mere improvisations. It’s impressive how they managed to coordinate anything at all with that level of disarray. Astonishing!

7. Travel and Logistics Nightmares

First-class travel, right? Delays, poor accommodations, and all the wonders of modern travel seemed to conspire against Ohio State uniquely. You’d think they were navigating an obstacle course rather than simply traveling to a game. Surely, no other team has ever faced such adversity on the road. Remarkable!

8. Distractions Off the Field

Just a little attention. The barrage of media and external pressures was a slight hindrance, of course. How dare the players be expected to focus on football with all those cameras and questions? It’s almost as if attention is part of the game at this level. Shocking!

9. Lack of Fan Support

Echoes in the stands. The fans must have been there in spirit because physically, it was a ghost town. You’d think real fans would travel through any storm or obstacle, but perhaps they were too busy. It’s not like team spirit is a real concept anyway. Underwhelming!

10. It Just Wasn’t Our Day

Fate is cruel. Clearly, the universe had a vendetta against Ohio State, aligning the stars against them in a cosmic conspiracy. It’s the only logical explanation for such a comprehensive series of unfortunate events. Because, obviously, it had nothing to do with what happened.

Game wrap up

Congratulations to Mizzou for their win in the Cotton Bowl. I’m not ready to cheer for the St. Louis Blues hockey team. I’m still a Blackhawks fan, though both teams are struggling. I’ll always be a Cub fan, though it does look like the Cardinals have made some interesting moves to improve. I hope the Cubs can do the same.

But I’ll cheer for Mizzou and pay more attention to what they are doing. I guess this is part of the settling into the Metro East area and becoming a local. I wonder what other changes 2024 will be bringing in? Happy New Year to everyone, including Ohio State, maybe next year.

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we share our adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, This is an exciting area and we are so happy to be part of this area. Our lives are being fulfilled by the people we are meeting. Bruce & Karen.