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Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of fun, flavor, and fantastic finds as we uncover the hidden treasures of our side of the river. From lively city events to mouthwatering dining spots, and from breathtaking natural wonders to charming local hangouts,  this site is your ticket to experiencing the East of St. Louis like never before.

Whether you're a local looking for your next big thrill or a visitor eager to uncover the hidden gems of our region, we've got everything you need to make your journey unforgettable. Welcome aboard – let's make some memories together in the Metro East!

The latest news & events

Uncover the innovative methods that make Lawrence’s trash bin cleaning unmatched in Metro East. One of the great activities of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of

Why Everyone in Metro East is Talking About This Service

Have you ever found yourself staring out the window at darkening skies, wondering if you’re truly prepared for what’s coming? This last week we

Survive the Storm: Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for the Unexpected in Metro East Illinois

Crafting the perfect garden in the Metro East isn’t just about planting a few flowers and hoping for the best. It’s an art form

Craft the Perfect Metro East Garden: Native Plants & Eco Tips

EARTHQUAKE……did you feel it? On March 28th the ground was shaking very near us. There was more than a breeze in Breese, IL. Did

Prep Now: Navigating Earthquake Risks in Metro East Illinois & Beyond

Join the journey of a bakery transforming vegan dining with passion and quality. In a cozy corner of our town lies a treasure that’s

The Happy Bakery: Metro East, A Vegan Haven in O’Fallon’s Heart

Ever wondered where to find a hidden gem for wine lovers in Illinois? Metro East IL might not be the first place that pops

Discover Serenity: Top Wineries in Metro East IL

Ever wondered where the trail less traveled might lead, especially when you’re surrounded by the concrete jungle? Imagine finding an oasis of adventure, right

Explore Premier Mountain Biking Trails in the Metro East

As I sat down to weave through the wonders of Metro East, where the heart of adventure beats beneath serene landscapes, I stumbled upon

Discover Southern Illinois Water Parks Open in May: Dive Into Aqua Park Fun

Imagine, nestled in your cozy nook with the warmth of the afternoon sun peeking through, you stumble upon the idea of horseback riding in

Discover Horseback Riding in Metro East IL: A Guide to Boston Pond’s Trails

Saint Clair County Orchard Trail Nestled within the heart of St. Clair County, the Orchard Trail serves as a premier destination for those seeking

Top Outdoor Walking Parks in St. Clair County

As summer heats up in St. Clair County, IL, everyone’s searching for the perfect spot to cool down and splash around. Public swimming pools

Top Public Pools near St. Clair County, IL: Dive into Millstadt Pool

Metro East’s arcades and game centers are a vibrant throwback to the golden age of gaming, mixed with the latest in entertainment technology. They’re

Top Metro East Arcades & Game Centers: Discover Edison’s Complex

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