Uncover the innovative methods that make Lawrence’s trash bin cleaning unmatched in Metro East.

One of the great activities of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce is the Business After Hours event. It is held at one of the chamber members’ business and aside from the food and drinks you get to meet other chamber members.

At the March gathering, I had the great pleasure of connecting with Lawrence Watson. He is an entrepreneur venturing into a new, but important area of service, trash bin cleaning. This may sound like a mundane opportunity, but after sitting down with Lawrence and hearing about his service’s value, I changed my mind.

In this world of post covid-19 sanitation is an important idea we need to understand. So read along and learn more about this fascinating service.

Impressive breadth of experience

Lawrence Watson brings an impressive breadth of experience to his latest venture, Immaculate Bins—an eco-friendly trash bin cleaning service. With a robust 35-year career spanning military and civil service, including roles in logistics, finance, and various technology sectors, Lawrence’s diverse background laid a strong foundation for his entrepreneurial journey.

The idea sparked unexpectedly while Lawrence was enjoying a round of golf. A friend called, excitedly urging him to look into a burgeoning business opportunity. Though initially hesitant, the notion of a cleaning service for trash bins intrigued Lawrence enough to start researching.

Conversations with over thirty friends and family members confirmed there was a genuine interest in such a service. Further fueled by positive feedback, he consulted his closest advisors—his wife and sons—before diving into the new endeavor.

Deciding how to acquire the necessary equipment presented choices: build his own, or purchase from established suppliers. Lawrence opted for an established vendor whose offer seemed the most promising.

With the equipment secured, he embarked on the next phases—crafting a logo, initiating a marketing strategy, and engaging with the local community through social platforms. Despite launching in winter, when cleaning trash bins might not be top of mind, Lawrence was undeterred.

Proactive approach

His proactive approach exemplifies a commitment to entering a market and innovating within it, bringing much-needed service to his community.

Lawrence and his team have meticulously designed a trash bin cleaning service that not only cleans but sanitizes bins thoroughly right at the customers’ curbsides. His service aligns seamlessly with trash collection schedules to ensure efficiency and convenience.

Once the bins are emptied, Lawrence takes over, conducting an initial inspection to gauge the level of dirt and grime.

The cleaning process starts with the application of a diluted biodegradable and heavy-duty degreaser. This solution is adept at loosening tough residues inside the bin. For particularly stubborn grime, a manual scrub with a brush is employed to break down the grease further.

Following the soaking of the bins in this solution, Lawrence utilizes water heated to 200 degrees from his trailer to wash the exterior, ensuring that every part of the bin is reached and sanitized.

The internal cleaning involves a powerful spray of heated water from two spinning heads in his hopper, which efficiently strips away any remaining dirt. This process might be repeated if the bin requires extra attention, a common scenario for bins that haven’t been cleaned regularly.

Cleaning is complete

Once the cleaning is complete, Lawrence meticulously wipes down the interior and ensures all water is drained by turning the bins over. As a finishing touch, a fresh scent is applied, leaving the bins not only clean but pleasantly fragrant. 

This detailed approach highlights Lawrence’s dedication to providing a high-quality, environmentally friendly service that enhances neighborhood cleanliness and hygiene.

Lawrence is fully aware of the need to establish a distinct presence in the market. While he is new to the industry and still determining the unique attributes of his service, Lawrence emphasizes a commitment to exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and the use of quality products. 

What potentially sets Lawrence’s service apart, particularly from similar services, is the customer-focused and technology-driven approach he adopts. On his website, customers can directly receive a quote by simply selecting the number of bins they need to be cleaned.

This transparency in pricing contrasts with competitors’ process, which requires customers to wait for an email response. 

Moreover, Lawrence integrates technology to enhance customer interaction. His clients receive timely notifications about their service appointments—emails are sent the night before text messages when he is en route to a location, and an email follows once the cleaning is completed.

Level of communication

This level of communication not only fosters reliability and trust but also positions Immaculate Bins as a modern, customer-oriented service in a market that relies on more traditional methods. This strategic use of technology and a strong focus on customer service might very well become the defining traits of Immaculate Bins as it grows.

Immaculate Bins is designed to accommodate a variety of trash bin sizes and types, which is essential given the diverse needs of his customers. From residential bins provided by waste haulers to the unique smaller trash cans found at places like gas stations, his equipment is up to the task.

The core of his operation is a versatile hopper that can manage standard trash cans effortlessly. Whether they are the typical round bins used in households or those purchased independently, the hopper can lift and clean them without complication.

For bins that are not standard in shape—such as rectangular or uniquely shaped containers found in commercial locations like BP gas stations—Lawrence’s approach is adaptive. Although these bins might require some manual handling to ensure they fit and are cleaned properly, his system is flexible enough to tackle these challenges.

Ability to adapt

This ability to adapt to different bin types without compromising on the quality of cleaning is a testament to the thoughtful planning and customer-centric approach Lawrence brings to Immaculate Bins. His method ensures that all bins, regardless of their shape or size, receive the thorough cleaning they require.

Lawrence’s understanding of his customer base has broadened significantly over the past two months.

He has learned that virtually anyone with a trash bin could benefit from his services. The realization came from recognizing the ubiquitous nature of the problem—trash bins, if not regularly cleaned, become breeding grounds for bacteria, which can pose health risks. With over four million strands of bacteria potentially lurking around a single unclean bin, the implications for hygiene are considerable.

Whether it is a single-family home, a business, or an apartment complex, all face similar issues with their waste receptacles. The risk of transferring germs from these bins to homes, vehicles, and workplaces underscores the universal need for regular bin cleaning services.

As a result, Lawrence’s service is not just a convenience but a health measure, making his potential market vast and varied. This understanding drives his business to cater to a broader audience, emphasizing the essential nature of his offering to ensure cleanliness and reduce health risks across the community.

Lawrence’s encounters with the public, such as when he mentioned a couple inquired about his service while he was near a bike trail, highlight a general lack of awareness about bin cleaning services in his area. This observation has propelled him to focus on educating the community about the benefits of his service.

Should not be confined to the interiors of homes

Lawrence emphasizes that sanitation should not be confined to the interiors of homes but must extend to exterior environments where waste receptacles are common breeding grounds for bacteria and attractants for pests like flies, maggots, and raccoons in rural areas. The rising temperatures in the summer months only exacerbate these issues, making his service increasingly relevant.

Going forward, Lawrence sees a need to educate potential customers and industry partners about the significant health benefits of regularly cleaning and sanitizing trash bins. His commitment to improving sanitation practices both inside and outside the home speaks to a broader mission of health and hygiene that is likely to resonate well as he continues his outreach and marketing efforts.

Lawrence has rapidly accumulated a collection of positive feedback for his innovative trash bin cleaning service, Immaculate Bins, which is vividly reflected in his Google reviews—boasting a perfect five-star rating. This acclaim not only highlights customer satisfaction but also indicates the immediate impact of his work.

One standout story that Lawrence shared exemplifies the tangible benefits his service offers. After the cleaning, the client’s wife was thrilled with the outcome, remarking on the fresh scent that the cleaned bin brought to their garage—a stark contrast to the usual odor associated with trash bins.

The positive reaction extended beyond the immediate household, catching the attention of neighbors who were equally impressed by the lack of typical trash smell and the pleasant aroma left behind.

Such experiences underscore the service’s appeal and effectiveness, proving that what might seem like a simple cleaning task can significantly enhance one’s living environment. This story, among others, serves as a testament to the essential nature of Immaculate Bins, emphasizing that while it might be the job nobody wants to do, it is indeed a service many appreciate and value.

Lawrence is committed to ensuring that Immaculate Bins is as environmentally friendly as possible. He uses a biodegradable cleaning product for the most challenging jobs.

This choice reflects his dedication to using substances that are not harmful to the environment, similar to what one might use in a household setting. 

Eco-friendly cleaning agents

Beyond choosing eco-friendly cleaning agents, Lawrence has also put considerable thought into how to handle waste disposal, particularly the gray water resulting from his cleaning process. Initially encountering challenges in finding a suitable disposal method, he engaged with local water facilities, which did not accommodate his type of waste.

However, he discovered that he could responsibly dispose of the gray water at a local vehicle relief station. This method ensures that the wastewater does not enter the local water treatment systems, instead being handled in a way that aligns with environmental best practices.

This approach not only minimizes the ecological footprint of his service but also illustrates Lawrence’s proactive and responsible business practices. By focusing on sustainability and proper waste management, Lawrence ensures that his service is a boon not just to his customers but also to the community and environment at large.

Currently, Lawrence is focused on mastering and expanding his core business, the trash bin cleaning service, within the Metro East area. While his equipment and setup could potentially allow for additional services like exterior house cleaning or driveway cleaning, Lawrence is dedicated to establishing a solid foundation for his primary service first.

His goal for the near term is ambitious yet clear: to secure 300 customers this year. This target is part of a broader vision to expand his business over the next three to five years, which includes the potential addition of multiple trucks to his operation. Such expansion would not only increase his capacity but also his reach within the community.

Lawrence is also mindful of the logistical and economic aspects of his service area. He recognizes the need to concentrate his efforts on certain areas to keep operating costs in check. Expanding too quickly into regions like Columbia, for example, would require a substantial customer base in those areas to be cost-effective.


Therefore, his strategy involves growing his customer base locally before extending his service territory, ensuring that each step he takes is sustainable and supports the long-term success of his business. This careful planning and dedicated focus are likely to serve him well as he works towards making Immaculate Bins a recognized and trusted service in the region.

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we share our adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, This is an exciting area and we are so happy to be part of this area. Our lives are being fulfilled by the people we are meeting. Bruce & Karen.

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