Discover how the O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber is transforming communities and empowering businesses. Unlock the secrets to their impactful strategies.

By Bruce Carlson

We’re Bruce and Karen Carlson. We recently moved to the Metro East area of Illinois. It’s a whole new world out there. Our goal with this website is to share our exploration of the Metro East area. As we find businesses and services we use in our daily lives, we’ll share how these businesses and services have helped make our lives better and easier to live.

We’re calling our move to the Metro East area retirement, but we’re not quite sure what that means. By sharing our story with you, we hope you too will gain a better sense of what the Metro East area has to offer and how their businesses and services can improve your lives and build a better community.

O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber’s Impact


Wow, let me tell you about the incredible impact the O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber of Commerce has on our community! Karen and I had the opportunity to sit down with Johnnie Hodges and talk shop last Friday morning. As new members, Johnnie enlightened us about all that the chamber does. Read on to hear more about all that we learned from Johnnie and review their website.

From networking events that bring professionals together to job fairs connecting job seekers with employers, this Chamber is all about supporting local businesses and fostering community engagement. They even organize unique experiences like Restaurant Roulette where you can meet new people while enjoying a fun dining experience. With its mission to welcome, unite, and promote business in the area, the O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber of Commerce truly makes a difference in our community.

Key Takeaways

– Networking events such as Business After Hours and Business Over Breakfast promote business growth and collaboration by providing opportunities to connect with local professionals.

– Ribbon cuttings for new businesses like Rays SoulFood & Turkey Legs support local businesses and engage with the community.

– Job fairs connect job seekers with potential employers, promoting local employment and providing employment opportunities.

– Events like Restaurant Roulette and Business After Hours help build relationships and foster business connections within the community.

Supporting Local Businesses

There’s a pretty good chance you have heard of a ribbon cutting for a new business. By attending ribbon cuttings, you can show your support for local businesses and engage with the community. These events are a great way to celebrate new business openings and promote entrepreneurship in our area.

When you attend, you not only get to meet and connect with local business owners but also foster relationships that can benefit both parties involved. It’s an opportunity to network, collaborate, and discover new products and services offered by these businesses.

You demonstrate your commitment to the growth and success of our community. So mark your calendars for upcoming ribbon cuttings and be part of the movement to support our local businesses!

Networking Events and Business Growth

Aside from ribbon cuttings, the chamber has a host of other ways to meet and connect with local business owners and entrepreneurs. Just like a ribbon cutting the following gatherings help you connect with the community.

Come join us for an exhilarating Business After Hours (BAH) experience! From 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., six times a year, we create the perfect social setting for you. Hosted by our esteemed Chamber members, this event is all about networking, relaxation, and connecting with your business community.

No need to worry about speakers or formal programs – BAH is your time to unwind and enjoy. Delectable food and beverages await, and you can decide how long you’d like to stay – whether it’s a quick 15-minute drop-in or the full 1.5-hour experience, we welcome you with open arms.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out: Our BAH events regularly attract over 75 attendees, offering you an incredible opportunity to expand your network. Don’t forget to bring along a stack of business cards to make those valuable connections.

Best of all, this event is absolutely complimentary for our members and their guests. To ensure we roll out the red carpet for you, we kindly ask everyone to register in advance. Let’s make this event extraordinary together!

Along with the Business After Hour events the chamber also sponsors a BOB (Business Over Breakfast). Now I tend to be a later-in-the-day person, but BOB is at 8:00 am so I can still sleep in a bit.

So, rise and shine with me and come to our invigorating Business Over Breakfast (BOB) event! Kickstart your day alongside fellow members in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, all while relishing a delicious complimentary breakfast spread. Think pastries, bagels, fresh juice, and aromatic coffee to fuel your morning.

Set your alarm so you can be there at 8:00 a.m. because that’s when the excitement begins. Our usual spot? The O’Fallon Public Safety Building, where connections come to life.

But that’s not all – if you’re interested in scheduling a ‘Business Intro’ presentation, just a curious newcomer, or a visitor we’re here to make it happen. Just reach out to the Chamber via email or give us a call at 618-632-3377.

And here’s the best part: attendance is on the house, whether you’re a valued member or someone new to our community. All we ask is that you register in advance for a seamless experience. Mark your calendar and stay tuned to our events calendar for the next BOB – you won’t want to miss it!”

Oh, what about lunch? Well, the chamber has periodic luncheon meetings at member locations. Meet members and get to know them. Lunch usually averages around $18.

Another intriguing event is Restaurant Roulette. Now this takes a little more to set up, so it’s scheduled a time or two during the year, but when it comes around you don’t want to miss it. You sign up for the event and the day before the event the chamber spins a “Roulette” wheel with participating restaurants on it and you meet up with a small group of chamber members. You won’t know who you’ll be eating and talking with until you get to your assigned restaurant. Ahhh the spirit of adventure and the unknown.

The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of fostering business connections, so they host these events not only to support local businesses but also to provide a platform for engagement within the community.

The O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber of Commerce committees

Yes, the O’Fallon – Shiloh  Chamber of Commerce is very visible in the community with the above-mentioned events. Another way is through the variety of committees that support the local area. Listed below are some of the committees and their vision of helping the community.

Ambassadors – serve as “goodwill messengers” for the chamber, welcoming new members and assisting at events.

Golf – plans and conducts the annual golf outing.

Education – I never thought of education as something of a chamber, but it does make perfect sense for the chamber to be in liaison with the local public and private schools. After all a community is made up of many entities and the chamber is a way to bring them other. The annual 8th Grade Career Fair is one of this committee’s events.

Military Affairs – This is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t the chamber be active here? With Scott Scott Air Force Base base being a major contributor to the area the chamber can help in many ways. With ties to active duty, retired military, and civilian residents the chamber supports these folks in a variety of ways.

Economic Development – In my years of mission work I have seen the benefits and downfalls of how business and the surrounding community can be successful or a failure. When the community and business work together the people of the community win.

Government Affairs – We can’t forget the governmental leaders. They need to know the pulse of the business community. When business and government work together it’s a win-win.

Healthcare & Wellness – We are just moving out of the covid-19 pandemic. Obviously, business, government, and the local everyday folks were affected. The more we can work together the better we all will be.

Emerging Leaders – I’m too old for this group (I still think pretty young😊). How do the young leaders in business learn? It’s through the programs of committees like this one. The education programs share the learned knowledge of success.

Downtown District – those of the various downtown areas can gather to develop sound ideas and needs to create a strong business community.

Mission: Welcome, Unite, and Promote Business

The mission of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce is to welcome, unite, and promote business in our community. Overall, the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in fostering business relationships and contributing to the growth of our community.

Vision: Making Ofallon-Shiloh the Premier Business Destination

By striving to make O’Fallon-Shiloh the premier business destination, the Chamber of Commerce aims to attract businesses and foster economic growth in the community. With a strong focus on networking events and business growth, the chamber provides opportunities for local professionals to connect, collaborate, and promote their businesses.

The chamber also plays a crucial role in employment opportunities by organizing job fairs that connect employers with potential employees, and promote local employment. Furthermore, it fosters relationships among local business owners through planned events.


In conclusion, the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce has had a significant impact on our community. Through their support of local businesses, networking events, and employment opportunities, they have fostered business growth and economic development. Their unique community engagement experiences have brought people together and created memorable dining experiences.

By celebrating business openings and building relationships through initiatives like ribbon-cutting ceremonies, they have shown their commitment to recognizing outstanding businesses. As a member of the O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber of Commerce, I’m proud to be part of an organization that is dedicated to making O’Fallon – Shiloh the premier business destination in our area.

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we move through the process of selling our house, buying a new house (to become our home), and the adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, Bruce & Karen.