We’re Bruce and Karen Carlson. We recently moved to the Metro East area of Illinois. It’s a whole new world out there. Our goal with this website is to share our exploration of the Metro East area. As we find businesses and services we use in our daily lives, we’ll share how these businesses and services have helped make our lives better and easier to live.

We’re calling our move to the Metro East area retirement, but we’re not quite sure what that means. By sharing our story with you, we hope you too will gain a better sense of what the Metro East area has to offer and how their businesses and services can improve your lives and build a better community.

As part of our conversation with members of the O’Fallon – Shiloh Chamber of Commerce, Karen and I had a great conversation with Lisa Vorce of Thrivent. Lisa shared how Thrivent started, how they help build financial security, and how they help build community. We covered a lot of information so I have summarized the main points we covered. So settle back in your easy chair and enjoy the interview.

Introduction to Lisa Vorce and Thrivent

We met Lisa at her office in O’Fallon. After introducing ourselves we spent a few minutes getting to know each other. Karen and I explained that we wanted to learn more about the area and were interviewing chamber members as one way to learn about the Metro East area. Lisa in turn introduced herself and shared a little bit about herself. Lisa then began to explain her role with Thrivent.

We learned that Thrivent is a Fortune 500 financial services organization. Lisa explains that Thrivent offers a range of financial services, including advice, investments, insurance, banking, generosity products and programs mutual funds, insurance, and advice. She also reviewed her various licenses and her background in wealth management.

Thrivent’s Evolution

Lisa shared some of the organization’s history with us. Founded over 120 years ago as a membership-owned fraternal organization, Thrivent helps its clients meet their financial goals and lead lives of purpose, service, and faith. Thrivent is deeply committed to providing purpose-based financial advice and helping people use their money as a tool to lead a life full of meaning and gratitude.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Lisa mentioned the idea of fiduciary responsibility. This is something I had heard of but didn’t understand clearly. Lisa explained the importance of being a fiduciary, which means putting the client’s best interests first. She discussed the significance of understanding a client’s full financial picture and providing holistic programs and solutions so people can make the most of all they’ve been given.

Values-Based Approach

Thrivent emphasizes a purpose-based approach to financial planning that encompasses a client’s unique needs and values. Lisa mentioned using values cards to help clients identify their core values and align their financial decisions with them.

Advisory Focus

The concept of advisory focus is something I can get behind. Helping a client to make and see the benefits of decisions creates a better consumer. Lisa explained how Thrivent is shifting its focus towards providing financial advice that is client-centered. The aim is to guide clients in making financial decisions that align with their unique goals and values.

Tax Planning

The topic of taxes came up. Lisa was very happy to highlight the importance of tax planning and tax efficiency in financial advising. She mentioned that tax laws change, and it’s essential to adapt financial strategies accordingly. She uses modeling tools to help assess clients’ tax brackets and provide recommendations.

However, Lisa shared that while she can give high-level guidance, Thrivent and its financial advisors do not provide legal, accounting, or tax advice, so it’s important to consult your tax professional regarding specific tax questions and strategies.

Legacy and Charitable Giving

Our conversation moved into the area of charitable giving. As someone who has worked in international missions, I could very much appreciate what she shared. Lisa talked about Thrivent’s focus on legacy planning and mentioned the significance of charitable giving.

Individual Trust and Community

We all want to have a sense of security in our savings for future needs. Lisa then moved into the idea of partnering with a financial advisor and the importance of working with someone who has the client’s best interests at heart. This shifted us to community and how peace of mind in family shifts to the sense of community. Lisa as a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador is working with others in promoting community engagement for the betterment of all.

Involvement in the Chamber

Lisa explained that her involvement in the Chamber of Commerce as an ambassador was to help new members better understand and see the benefits of the chamber. This in turn helps to create a strong and vibrant community. Which in turn helps families become more secure. Lisa also reviewed her participation in events and sponsorship activities to support the community. I very much appreciated Lisa’s support in growing a strong sense of community. In my humble opinion, our world is becoming very individualistic. Only by working together can we solve the challenges that face our communities.

Community Involvement

Lisa continued with her and Thrivent’s involvement in the community by reviewing the various activities they are part of. They participate in events like O’Fallon’s City Fest, fundraisers, and community service activities. Thrivent also supports community initiatives through programs like Thrivent Action Teams. In fact, in 2022 alone, Thrivent, its clients, and others raised and donated $283M through Thrivent’s generosity programs and volunteered 12.8M hours toward community service.

Future Outlook

My next question to Lisa was, “How does she see the future?” While Lisa couldn’t predict the future, she emphasized the importance of having processes in place to provide clients with guidance and support in navigating their financial journeys, especially given the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations. As I mentioned earlier in the article, I would gladly pay for this kind of help.

Alignment with Moral Code

I took great comfort here. Hearing how Lisa works with a client to create a strong secure environment. It’s not just a way to make an income, but also very much caring for the people she helps. Lisa works for Thrivent because she feels as though the organization’s values closely align with her own. She believes in Thrivent’s purpose-based approach and its commitment to helping clients align their financial choices to their values.


In this insightful interview with Lisa Vorce, several key points about her professional life, her involvement in the community, and Thrivent’s uniqueness were highlighted. Lisa’s commitment to her clients and community shines through her dedication to providing purpose-based financial advice and services. She discussed Thrivent’s transition towards a purpose-based approach and its efforts to align clients’ financial plans with their values.

Her systematic processes and tools, such as values conversations, help ensure that clients receive holistic financial guidance. Lisa’s genuine passion for giving back to the community was evident, from her involvement in local projects to her active participation in volunteer activities.

She believes that Thrivent’s direction aligns with her values and the client-centric approach sets her apart. Overall, Lisa Vorce exemplifies a financial advisor who not only cares about her clients’ financial well-being but also actively contributes to the betterment of their community, making her a valuable asset to both Thrivent and the people she serves.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. It’s so great to have companies here in the Metro East area that truly strive to help us find happiness and comfort. I would encourage you to reach out to Lisa with your questions and needs in the financial area. She really wants to help you.

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we share our adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, This is an exciting area and we are so happy to be part of this area. Our lives are being fulfilled by the people we are meeting. Bruce & Karen.