O’Fallon’s Wing Walk: More than just wings! Immerse yourself in the stories behind each location. Snap, share, and let the adventure take flight. Join us now!

We’re Bruce and Karen Carlson. We recently moved to the Metro East area of Illinois. It’s a whole new world out there. Our goal with this website is to share our exploration of the Metro East area. As we find businesses and services we use in our daily lives, we’ll share how these businesses and services have helped make our lives better and easier to live.

We’re calling our move to the Metro East area retirement, but we’re not quite sure what that means. By sharing our story with you, we hope you too will gain a better sense of what the Metro East area has to offer and how their businesses and services can improve your lives and build a better community.

It’s hard to believe we have been in our new home for just over 6 months. We have met many people and are learning to find our way around the Metro East area. There are still many more people to meet and places to go. One of the best things we have done is to join the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber has activities going on regularly and it is quite fun to join in on ribbon cuttings, meet and greet events, and after-hours events. Going on now and for the next two and a half weeks is the Wing Walk. OK, what’s a Wing Walk you ask? Well, inviting people to visit various chamber locations and get you wings is a clever idea.

You get your wings by visiting the locations that are participating and taking a picture of yourself standing in front of the wings. Just look at my pictures with each of the locations. Some wings are outside and some are inside. And while you’re getting your wings stop and say “Hi” to the business. This year there are 15 locations in this year’s Wing Walk.

Check out my wing pictures and a little bit about the business that was sponsoring the wings. Oh, don’t forget to send your winged pictures to the chamber’s Facebook page. You may win a cash prize of $250, $200, or $100.

Family Eye Care of O’Fallon

For over 25 years, Family Eye Care, community-loving optometrists have been dedicated to providing exceptional eye care. They’re all about complete eye health with a personalized touch. From snazzy frames to thorough checkups, they have your vision covered. Their mission is to maximize vision, eye health, and overall wellness for every patient in a personalized, professional manner. Swing by for a caring experience that goes beyond just seeing clearly! Family Eye Care is located in the Insight Professional Park, 735 Insight Ave, O’Fallon.

Art Gecko Studio

In a burst of artistic enthusiasm, Art Gecko Studio emerges as the vibrant creation of a dynamic mother-daughter team deeply passionate about art. A haven for art lovers of all ages, this newly minted studio beckons individuals from every walk of life to revel in the sheer joy of artistic expression. Within its walls, a carefully curated space unfolds, seamlessly blending imagination, inspiration, and relaxation into an unparalleled creative sanctuary.

Art Gecko Studio isn’t just a place; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of self-expression. Whether you’re a seasoned artist honing your skills or a creative spirit looking to explore the fundamentals, our studio is your canvas. Join us and unleash the artist within as we guide you through a world where art techniques meet boundless creativity. Come, and experience the magic of Art Gecko Studio, 102 S. Vine St., O’Fallon.

O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce

Founded on April 4, 1946, the O’Fallon Chamber has been a stalwart supporter of civic and business interests. With its initial officers leading the charge, the Chamber swiftly grew to 44 members, adopting by-laws on May 27, 1946. Over time, it transitioned from precursor organizations like the Business Men’s League. In April 1999, the Chamber found a permanent home at 116 East 1st Street. A significant milestone occurred on February 15, 2010, when the O’Fallon and Shiloh Chambers of Commerce joined forces, creating a powerful alliance focused on community prosperity. Stop by 116 East First Street, O’Fallon

Refinery Salon

At Refinery, they celebrate diversity in hair types and textures with gender-neutral pricing. Their approach to services is marked by care and precision, acknowledging that each stylist has their specialty. The menu reflects this uniqueness, presenting haircuts categorized by trends and styles. This tailored approach ensures you’ll receive a style from a stylist not only passionate but specialized in your desired look.

Transparency is key for them. In the consultation process, your stylist delves into creating a look tailored to your face shape, lifestyle, and long-term goals. At Refinery, it’s not just about the first visit; it’s about crafting a plan to consistently meet your evolving style objectives. Your hair journey is our priority. They are across the street from the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce, 115 East First Street, O’Fallon.

Three Sisters Crafts

Enter the world of unique and whimsical creations at Three Sisters Crafts & Gifts! Their shop is a haven for handmade crafts, beads, jewelry-making supplies, home decor, and so much more. Looking to craft something special for a loved one? Drop by and let them assist you with your project.

You’ll discover a treasure trove of handmade delights—where every item is crafted just for you. From beads to home decor, they offer a range of supplies to fuel your creative endeavors. Have a special project in mind? Challenge accepted! Bring it by and let them help you bring your vision to life.

Parent Teachers Tools & Toys

Dive into the expansive world of education with Parent Teacher Tools & Toys—a comprehensive hub for teachers, school districts, parents, homeschoolers, therapists, and daycares. But wait, there’s more! Their offerings go beyond supplies.

Explore a diverse range at Parent Teacher Tools & Toys, where alongside educational and daycare supplies, you’ll find an excellent selection of educational toys, special needs items, strategy games, puzzles, music, storybooks, Girl Scout essentials, craft supplies, and much more. Elevate your educational experience with them! Visit them at 108 West State, O’Fallon.

O’Fallon Public Safety Building

The O’Fallon Public Safety Building is a meeting and collection point for the community. The building is located at 285 North 7 Hills Road, O’Fallon.

O’Fallon YMCA

No doubt you’ve heard of the YMCA—probably even stepped into one at some point in your life. Beyond the familiar, the “Y” isn’t just a fitness haven; it’s a dynamic hub for all ages. Whether you’re young, seasoned, or somewhere in between, there’s a program tailored just for you, including on-demand workouts.

Dive into the expansive offerings of the YMCA’s Healthy Lifestyles, where programs extend beyond traditional fitness. From cancer recovery and diabetes prevention to blood pressure management, exercise for Parkinson’s, mental health initiatives, and even a community garden—no green thumb required. The “Y” is not just about staying fit; it’s about fostering holistic well-being. Come visit them at 284 North Seven Hills Road, O’Fallon.

O’Fallon Public Library

Embark on a journey of discovery, growth, play, and learning at the O’Fallon Public Library—a space for everyone. They champion reading as the gateway to lifelong learning, advocating for equal access and the freedom to seek, receive, and share information.

At the library, they’re not just about books; they’re about progress. From exploring opportunities for new construction and securing funding sources to spearheading green initiatives and building improvements, they’re committed to increasing efficiencies. Their goal? To evolve into a dynamic and diverse hub that grows alongside the needs and challenges of our vibrant community. Join us on this literary and progressive adventure! The library is at 120 Civic Plaza, O’Fallon.


Drake’s is not just a restaurant that loves beer or a bar that loves food—it’s both! With over 20 craft beers on tap, mouthwatering burgers, and the freshest sushi in town, Drake’s is your go-to spot for lunch, dinner, and late-night adventures. This free-wheeling, fun-loving joint is more than a place to eat; it’s a haven to hang out, let your hair down, and let loose a little. Come visit Drakes for a playfully delicious experience at 1160 Central Park Drive, O’Fallon.

Simplifying Beauty

Step into the realm of beauty with pride at Simplifying Beauty, the pioneering lash and spray tan salon in O’Fallon, IL. Their carefully chosen team, led by master lash artist Kimberly Beckley, stands as the epitome of excellence. Constantly pushing boundaries, they stay ahead in the lash industry through relentless education, training, and sourcing the finest products.

At Simplifying Beauty, it’s not just about lashes and tans; it’s about creating a personalized experience. Their artists, fueled by a passion for making people feel beautiful, infuse creativity into every session. The consultation process is their pride, ensuring the delivery of the best possible experience for each client, every single time. Step into beauty redefined at 9 Eagles Center, Ste 7B, O’Fallon.

Harriett’s Sweet Treats

Indulge your taste buds in a mission of pure delight at this bakery. They are dedicated to elevating your culinary experience with scrumptious, bake-from-scratch desserts. Quality is their signature, and the array of cookies, cakes, pies, and cobblers promises to be a symphony of sensational and mouthwatering goodness. It’s not just about sweets; it’s about crafting an experience that leaves your taste buds dancing with joy. Treat yourself to the finest in every bite at 622 East State Street, O’Fallon.

Four Paws Animal Hospital

Four Paws Animal Hospital is committed to going beyond veterinary care—it’s about promoting responsible pet ownership, preventive health care, and empowering their clients with health-related knowledge.

Their dedicated team, comprised of highly trained individuals, is here not just to treat but to guide. Taking pride in their competence and efficiency in the field of animal care. Regular educational seminars keep the staff up-to-date, ensuring they provide the latest in quality care.

As a full-service, AAHA-accredited veterinary medical facility in O’Fallon, Illinois, its mission extends to offering high-quality pet health and wellness services. They aim to assist your pets in living longer, happier, and healthier lives. From cats and dogs to rabbits and other small mammals, their comprehensive veterinary services, coupled with access to cutting-edge products and educational content, focus on enhancing the special bond between humans and animals. Trust them with your pet’s well-being—because the health of your pet is their priority.

Final comments

As of this writing, CEFU and Michael Mueller Florist were still working on their wings. They should be up in a few days, so watch the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce website for their availability. If you’re willing to take a chance and see if the wings are up, stop by CEFU at 450 Regency Park, O’Fallon, and Steven Mueller Florist at 101 West First Street, O’Fallon.

Oh, as a concluding note, Harriett’s Sweet Treats wins my vote as the best Wing Walk place to visit. The wonderful aroma of sweets being made was a message from Heaven.

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we share our adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, This is an exciting area and we are so happy to be part of this area. Our lives are being fulfilled by the people we are meeting. Bruce & Karen.