Explore how Tanisha Durrah’s vision for leadership is inspiring a new generation of changemakers.

I never imagined how much just plain fun it would be to sit down and interview business owners. To realize the great work they are doing for our communities. Each of the business owners I have sat down with wants to provide value to those they meet. Their sense of community building is something we need more of. These are the people we need to lead us into the future.

As Tansiha and I sat down there was something about the way she presented herself that radiated confidence and authority. I was clear she knows her direction and how she intends to get there. So sit back and take a few moments to read about the wonderful work Tanisha is doing. If she runs for governor, she has my vote.

Tansiha Durrah, clearly a leader

In the heart of O’Fallon, I had the pleasure of visiting with Tanisha Durrah founder of Durrah Development, LLC. As we sat down, Tanisha shared her remarkable journey with a warmth and openness that was truly inspiring.

Tanisha’s story begins in a small town in South Carolina, where the limited opportunities sparked her desire for something more. At just 17, she made the bold decision to join the Navy, a choice that set her on a path of discovery and growth.

Her military career was both extensive and diverse, taking her from the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii to the historic landscapes of Norfolk, Virginia, and several places in between. Finally retiring out of Great Lakes, Illinois, Tanisha, and her husband, also a Navy member, chose to make O’Fallon their home.

Her experiences in the Navy and living in various communities across the United States, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the value of community. It’s this appreciation that now fuels her passion at Durrah Development, LLC.

With a focus on personal growth and leadership, Tanisha is dedicated to nurturing talent and building a sense of community. She’s not just aware of the business side of things; she’s keenly attuned to the personal and communal aspects of her work.

Commitment to community and growth

As a mother of four daughters, two of whom are still at home attending Belleville East High School, Tanisha’s commitment to community and growth is not just professional but deeply personal. Her journey from a small town to various corners of the country and her experiences in the Navy have culminated in this venture, where she now seeks to add value to the community that she calls home.

Her story is not just about personal achievements; it’s a testament to the power of vision and the importance of roots, community, and the desire to contribute something meaningful to the world around her.

Tanisha’s revelation that personal growth and leadership development were her callings came through an unexpected journey in the military. Initially commissioned as a surface warfare officer, she quickly realized that her true passion lay elsewhere.

This realization led her to human resources within the Navy, where she found her niche in recruiting, training, and development. It was in these roles that Tanisha discovered her joy in helping people, providing resources, and fostering growth. Her work at Scott Air Force Base for six years further cemented her passion in this field.

As we moved on to discussing her business model at Durrah Development, LLC, Tanisha explained how her approach to personal growth and leadership development sets her apart. She likened her services to restaurants serving the same type of food but with distinct flavors.

Her unique blend of experiences, mindset, and genuine care for people differentiates her offerings. Moreover, her affiliation with the John Maxwell brand enriches her services with values and a training curriculum focused on a growth mindset.

A John Maxwell team member

Role as a vital contributor

Within the fabric of the business community, Tanisha Durrah sees her role as a vital contributor, especially through her engagement with the Chamber of Commerce. She envisions offering a suite of services designed to enhance the professional development of both employees and business owners.

One of the tools Tanisha utilizes is the DiSC assessment, a strength finder that helps individuals identify their core strengths. This tool is the first step in her process of guiding businesses toward identifying and leveraging their unique capabilities.

Tanisha’s offerings are not limited to individual assessments. She has curated a range of personal development courses aimed at bolstering the identified strengths of a team or an individual.

For businesses with a customer service focus, she provides specialized training to elevate their customer service standards to meet expansion goals or simply to enhance their current level of service.

When inquired about her association with the John Maxwell brand, Tanisha clarified that while some of her resources and programs are derived from John Maxwell, she has broadened her repertoire beyond his offerings.

This expansion allows her to tailor her services more closely to the needs of her clients, providing a diverse range of workshops, training sessions, and conferences.

The mention of DiSC sparked a familiar chord, as it’s part of the John Maxwell program but also stands alone as a widely recognized tool for understanding personality types.

Even though there are several versions of the DiSC assessment, the core objective remains consistent: to provide insights into an individual’s personality type, aiding in personal and professional development.

Tanisha’s role in the Chamber of Commerce and by extension, the business community, is characterized by a commitment to providing resources that foster growth, understanding, and excellence. Through her work, she aims to strengthen the fabric of the community, one business, and one individual at a time.

Enriching the community

Tanisha Durrah is envisioning a future where her business, Durrah Development, LLC, plays a pivotal role in enriching the community, particularly focusing on its younger members. Despite having started her business just last year, her ambitions for community engagement are both clear and commendable.

She plans to initiate monthly leadership events targeted at the youth—a demographic close to her heart, given her teenage children at home. Tanisha recognizes the importance of instilling leadership principles in young minds early on, principles that are immensely valuable in today’s world. These events aim to equip them with the skills and understanding necessary to grow into future leaders.

Beyond just teaching, Tanisha is excited about creating an interactive learning environment through personal growth classes and leadership sessions designed specifically for young people. She believes in a reciprocal learning process where she can also gain insights from the youth, fostering a two-way street of knowledge and experience sharing.

A particularly innovative tool she’s eager to introduce is a youth leadership game, part of the John Maxwell program. This game offers a unique and engaging way for young individuals to explore leadership concepts, encouraging them to define and discuss what leadership means to them in a fun and interactive setting. There’s also an adult version of the game, which suggests the potential for broader community involvement.

Through these initiatives, Tanisha aims to contribute significantly to the broader community by nurturing a generation of informed, empowered, and capable young leaders. Her approach underscores a commitment to not only professional and personal development within the confines of a business setting but also to fostering growth and leadership skills that extend into the community at large.

Tanisha reflected thoughtfully on the feedback she’s received, highlighting not a specific program or course, but the value of the relationships she’s been able to foster. She shared that participants often express excitement not just about the program itself but about the opportunity to build a meaningful connection.

For Tanisha, the essence of her work transcends the boundaries of business transactions; it’s deeply rooted in the genuine relationships she cultivates with those she works with.

This relational approach to business and personal development is what sets Tanisha apart. The feedback she cherishes most revolves around the mutual excitement for what the future holds, both for the individuals she mentors and for the broader business community.

The appreciation for these relationships underscores a fundamental aspect of her work: the give-and-take dynamic that enriches both parties.

Tanisha’s perspective on feedback underscores an important aspect of community and personal growth—relationships are at the core of true development and success.

This focus on building and nurturing relationships, rather than just focusing on transactional interactions, resonates deeply with her clients and is a testament to the impact of her approach.

Obstacles as opportunities

As the conversation shifted towards challenges, it became clear that Tanisha views obstacles as opportunities to strengthen these connections and further embed the values of community and mutual growth within her work. This approach not only enriches the individual experiences of those involved but also contributes to a more cohesive and supportive business community.

Tanisha in her venture with Durrah Development, LLC, has navigated the waters of entrepreneurship with both determination and adaptability. She candidly shared the challenges she faces, particularly as a new business leveraging the established John Maxwell brand. The primary hurdle? Expanding her network and building relationships that extend beyond her existing circles and the Chamber of Commerce.

To broaden her outreach and reinforce her support system, Tanisha has joined several organizations. She became part of Little Black Book, a community focused on women’s empowerment, and the Junior League of St. Louis, among other groups dedicated to self and professional development.

These affiliations are not just strategic moves for business growth but also personal milestones in overcoming challenges such as imposter syndrome—a common obstacle for many entrepreneurs. Tanisha’s journey is a testament to the power of community and faith in one’s mission, highlighting how connecting with like-minded individuals can significantly impact mindset and motivation.

During our conversation, the mention of Little Black Book led to a delightful detour about Kimberly, a close friend Tanisha met through the organization. Their bond exemplifies the authentic connections Tanisha values, showcasing the importance of finding genuine support in the entrepreneurial journey.

Additionally, Tanisha spoke highly of Shelley Leffler, a key figure in St. Clair County and a lead in the organization, further emphasizing the impact of these networks on her personal and professional growth.

These interactions underscore a crucial aspect of Tanisha’s approach to overcoming challenges: the emphasis on authentic relationships and the support of a community that shares her aspirations for betterment and positive change.

Through these connections, Tanisha finds the strength and affirmation needed to push beyond doubts and continue making a significant impact in the community and beyond.

Looking towards the future

Looking towards the future, Tanisha has a clear and ambitious vision for Durrah Development, LLC. She aspires for a time when her brand becomes synonymous with professional development, a name that businesses and individuals instinctively turn to for transformative growth.

Tanisha’s goal is for her brand’s reputation to precede her, eliminating the need for explanations about the services she provides. She envisions a future where her brand is the go-to solution for companies seeking meaningful professional development, recognized for its ability to deliver impactful transformations.

In addition to establishing her brand’s identity, Tanisha is focused on expanding her offerings. She mentions the desire to host another Live to Lead conference, a hallmark event that takes place between October and April.

While the specifics for next year’s timeframe remain undecided, her commitment to offering this and other conferences underscores her dedication to providing valuable learning opportunities.

Tanisha also aims to increase the number and scope of workshops and presentations she facilitates, further contributing to the community’s growth. Her aspirations reflect a blend of brand development and service expansion, all geared toward creating a significant impact on professional development within her community and beyond.

Through these efforts, Tanisha seeks not only to evolve her business but also to continue fostering an environment where personal and professional growth are accessible and encouraged.

Tanisha Durrah offers invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in personal growth and leadership. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, encouraging individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Recognizing areas where one excels and areas that require improvement is crucial. For those skills and tasks where one might not be as strong, Tanisha advises seeking support, whether through collaboration, education, or other resources. This approach ensures that aspiring entrepreneurs are well-equipped for success.

However, Tanisha also highlights a vital piece of wisdom: perfection is not a prerequisite for starting a business. The act of beginning, of taking that initial step, is often the most significant part of the journey. Being intentional about your goals while also being willing to start with what you have is a powerful combination.

Tanisha and I further discuss the concept of learning from experiences, touching upon John Maxwell’s philosophy that every outcome—be it success or setback—is an opportunity for growth. “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn” encapsulates this mindset, encouraging reflection on every experience.

This reflection isn’t about dwelling on the past but about extracting valuable lessons that contribute to personal and professional growth. Tanisha advises not just to experience but to actively reflect on these experiences, asking oneself what could have been done better, what was learned, and how one has grown.

Effective entrepreneurship and leadership

For Tanisha, these insights form the cornerstone of effective entrepreneurship and leadership. They underscore the journey of continuous improvement and the dynamic process of learning from every situation.

Her advice serves as a beacon for anyone looking to venture into the world of business or personal development, reminding them that growth is a reflective and intentional process, not just an outcome.

In her closing remarks, Tanisha Durrah encapsulates the essence of Durrah Development, LLC, with a message that is both profound and inspiring. The foundation of her business—and indeed, her philosophy—centers on the belief in personal growth and leadership development.

Tanisha’s vision goes beyond the mere concept of building leaders; it’s about cultivating intentional leadership and inspiring change in others.

This vision is deeply intertwined with the concept of community. Tanisha emphasizes the importance of coming together with like-minded individuals to foster a sense of belonging and collective purpose.

It’s a call to action for everyone involved to not only seek personal improvement but to also contribute to making the world a better place.

Tanisha’s final thoughts resonate with a powerful message of unity and transformation. Durrah Development, LLC, stands as a beacon for those aspiring to grow as leaders and individuals, offering a pathway to intentional living and community engagement.

It’s a reminder that personal and professional development can have far-reaching effects, extending beyond the individual to touch the lives of the broader community.

Tanisha’s vision for Durrah Development, LLC, is a testament to the transformative power of leadership and growth, driven by the collective effort of individuals striving for positive change. This closing idea beautifully ties together the themes of leadership, personal growth, and community engagement, offering a hopeful and forward-looking perspective on the impact one can make.

I believe there is a hopeful future

During these interviews, I received hope that these business leaders have an understanding of the needs of the community and are working to bring a bright future. The support you give to these developing businesses will help move them into positions that can implement the future quickly.

We hope you are enjoying these articles and are willing to continue to follow along as we share our adventures of learning about life in southern Illinois, This is an exciting area and we are so happy to be part of this area. Our lives are being fulfilled by the people we are meeting. Bruce & Karen.

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